Synonym of quality

The firm was established in the 80s on the basis of a strong experience in the electro-mechanical field and it has been representing during the years a synonym of technologic growing in its field. With particular care to the design and construction of centrifugal and submersible electro pumps with the principal aim of the final satisfaction of the Customer, the Firm has always been operating with success, strengthening a first role position in the Italian market, and in the meantime acquiring a relevant role in the international market too.

The continuous update, the ability and the know-how reached during the years leaded to an implement of the activity, supplying a high quality product and in the meantime offering an efficient service.

Starting from the most important features that have always been distinguishing our activity, as design, construction, assembly and test, we have been trying to improve day by day the quality’s level characterizing our products, offering services of warranty, advice and assistance through a precise and careful technical service.

The always updating production obtained and is still obtaining high results. The skilled and expert personnel that takes care of all the phases of production, the use of technologically advanced components, warranty of a high quality standard, the always improving technology, the deep tests that ensure Customer to have a good working machine, have been permitting us the final satisfaction of a wide range of Customer. So quality, production and competitiveness will be always improved , and will be also in the future our reference to an always growing evolution.